My Work Experience

Stephanie Rios Photography

Edinburg, TX | Co-Owner & Office Manager | February 2017 - Present

Stephanie Rios Photography is a joint venture between myself and my wife. My wife started the business part-time in 2015 to help me out with my web design agency which was in need of photography. In 2017 we decided to join forces as photography seemed much more promising.

In our time as photographers, we have managed and shot over 100 weddings (including many weddings out of town) and have managed hundreds of family sessions, engagement photo sessions, and more. As a team we have worked hard to become one of the premier wedding photographers in our area.

Stephanie Rios Photography is currently where I spend most of my time, optimizing and managing our clients. My roles include the following.

  1. Maintenance of the website where we get most of our leads
  2. Maintenance and management of our CRM (Sprout Studio)
  3. Building out automations in our CRM
  4. Creation of graphics for use on social media
  5. Scheduling clients
  6. Sending proposals to prospective clients as well as invoicing
  7. Data gathering and aggregation for use in Advertising
  8. Social Media Advertising (Instagram and Facebook)
  9. Out of Area logistics (managing hotel reservations, equipment rentals, etc)
  10. Management of taxes via our accountant and bookkeeper
  11. Managing our deliveries between our photographer and photo editor
  12. Purchase and research of equipment


Remote | Web Department Manager | November 2022 - Present

In my time at GTMA I’ve worked to organize the processes of the web department. All of my responsibilities include the following:

  • Client¬†meetings and interaction
  • Project management
  • Web development (WordPress theme and plugin development)
  • Organization of various assets/properties for the business.
  • Implementation of new processes for a better client experience.

The Mirror

Software Engineer | March 2022 (Remote) - October 2022

The Mirror is an all-in-one game and game development platform, designed to empower developers and 3D creators with limitless experiences & creativity.

The Mirror was my first role as a Game Developer, which I’ve been working towards since March 2021. In my time at the Mirror I worked primarily in the Godot Engine. While at the Mirror I got to experience working remotely with a team, having my PR’s reviewed, and reviewing other PR’s.¬†

The technology stack used was:
  • Godot Engine (GDScript)
  • Git/Github
  • Various project management tools

Texas Website Management

McAllen, TX | Owner / Web Developer | April 2013 - January 2017

Texas Website Management was a web design and marketing company I started and ran full time for 3.5 years. My job included the following:

  1. Sales and client management.
  2. Web development. Including the building of WordPress templates in PHP, JS, and CSS. As well as the building of a number of WordPress plugins. 
  3. Graphic design. Including designing of web pages, logos, and print materials
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of websites to rank better on Google
  5. Bookkeeping, taxes, and invoicing

In my time at TWM I had many projects for my own clients but also did a lot of freelance work for various other companies, including:

Imagine It Studios

McAllen, TX | Technology Director | July 2012 - July 2013

This role included the responsibility of being the lead web developer as well as the following.

  1. Weekly meetings to update the status of various projects
  2. Plan and optimize upcoming projects
  3. Input on new hires / potential team members

Web Developer | January 2010 - July 2012

I started this role as an entry level web developer working in WordPress. The technology stack I managed was a combination of Javascript, PHP, and Adobe Photoshop.
The job role included:

  1. Converting PSD designs into functional working websites for our clients.
  2. Applying SEO strategies to each website to help clients rank higher in search engines
  3. Updating and maintaining websites on a regular basis (adding pages and updating content)

A few things I'm good at

Backend Technology

  1. PHP
  2. WordPress’ API
  3. API Integration
  4. MySQL
  5. SSH

Frontend Technology

  1. CSS / SASS
  2. HTML
  3. Javascript / JQuery
  4. Vue.js
  5. Tailwind
  6. Webpack.js
  7. JSON

Other technologies I've ventured into

  1. Unity & C#
  2. The Godot Game Engine & GDScript

Other software I'm good with

  1. Git (Github)
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Lightroom 
  4. Microsoft Office / Google Docs
  5. Affinity Designer

Non software related skills

  1. Organization
  2. Building / Carpentry (still learning)
  3. Reading